Create documents with Google Drive. It’s a work space accessible from any device anywhere in the world. I’m retired, you say! Why would I need to know this information? Many of us Boomers and Seniors are active in our communities, churches, political groups, or may even be writing our memoirs. Google Drive saves us space on our digital devices, is secure, and allows us to easily share information with committee members, friends and family. However, you have to be willing to set up a free Google account in order to access Google Drive.

Give me an example, you might say!  OK—here’s one.  You are active in your local historical society and are partially responsible for the quarterly newsletter.  Because you are the president, you write the welcoming letter and a summary of the organization’s goals for the year.  Draft your part of the newsletter in Google Docs which is part of Google Drive.

Next, share it with the person who is organizing the summer extravaganza and the chair of the fund raising committee.  They add their pieces to the newsletter and you all can review and offer revision ideas.  Updates are automatic—there is no emailing back and forth.  In fact, you all can work on it at the same time and see the updates in real time from different locales. The newsletter gets written in an efficient and timely manner.

Download the Google Drive and Google Docs apps from your app store (Apple or Android) and jump right in.  Here’s a guide to help you get started!

Click on the link right below to download the guide!