My life is pretty will digitized, but I still use a paper calendar.  I will be at a meeting and pull out my little pocket-sized calendar when it is time to set a date for our next session.  My young friend, Michael, will snicker and say, “What’s that type of technology?” Meanwhile, he’s clicking through screens to see what days and times he has available. I just open to the correct month and have all of my information in front of me.   He’s still tapping away to see what the dots on his calendar mean.  So much for efficiency.

Calendar Collage (1)Dots vs Full Disclosure

 Granted my calendar on the right is a bit messier than the one on the left. Lack of neatness aside, I do like to be able to get the whole picture for the month at a glance. My younger friend would point out that with a tap or two I can see what exactly the dots stand for,

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.15.32 PM

He’s correct, but I will never concede the point—out loud.

However… I do admit that it’s efficient that someone can invite me to an event digitally, and if I accept, the date and time is automatically entered into my digital calendar.  And,  it is also convenient to say, “Hey Siri,” and have her enter an appointment.  But then again, I have control issues and it feels just a little creepy that others from anywhere in the world can schedule my time on my calendar.  Ah…the digital life –such a conundrum.  So dear reader, what type of calendar do you prefer—paper or digital?

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