I wasn’t surprised to learn that 1/3 of all iPhones are owned by Boomers.

But, I am surprised when we work with Boomers who know so little about their devices.

All three of us teach iPhone/iPad classes through adult education, senior colleges, and the like. We also consult with individuals or small groups for that one-to-one (and face-to-face) that so many Boomers need and want.

But don’t get me wrong, many boomers are very savvy! They use their phones to do all the basic things like texting, phoning and video conferencing (Facetime), taking photos, and much more. But really savvy boomers are savvy because they know their way around their device.

They know and recognize the navigational signals (arrows, icons) and they know what the different gestures mean to find, open, and close apps—swipe, pinch, touch, and more.

More than anything else—and this is confirmed by hundreds of people we work with—boomers struggling to use an iPhone or iPad do so because they are overwhelmed with all the choices—there are simply too many possibilities.

Which app (out of thousands) should I select to take notes? How do I share photos? What system should I use to edit and save photos?

And on and on and on…

In many cases, with upgrades to both devices and their operating systems, Boomers are frustrated when something they just learned to do looks different in the next software update.

Ok, but there are so many articles, tutorials, and help out there to learn all about this!


Admittedly, there are millions of resources for Boomers to learn more about their device.

But, THAT is also part of the problem.

Where do you start?

Once again, more overwhelm!



In this FREE, 3-part Video Series, you will learn much to get you started or to move you to the next level of understanding of your iPhone.

Either way, you will be well on your way.

Here we go…here is what’s included…

• Ed begins with will  “Five Benefits for Using an iPhone”. You will learn why you should be thrilled you have an iPhone—and what you can do with it.

• Next, Jill will answer “Frequently Asked Questions About Passwords and Passcodes”. In this video, you will learn the ins and outs of these two areas to keep you safe and secure.

• Chris completes the video series with an intriguing video on “Three Ways to Personalize Your iPhone” where you will learn several tricks-of-the-trade. Try out several of his ideas and your phone becomes yours!

Start learning about your iPhone now!

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Thanks…and happy viewing and learning.

Jill, Ed, and Chris


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