BoomerTECH Adventures guide Ed wrote about the power of internet searching to solve problems just a few months ago. However a frustrating few moments today led me to revisit the topic in this post.

monitorAll set to start preparing for an adult ed class I am teaching on Monday, I sat down at my computer ready to do some research.  I use an external monitor and wireless keyboard/mouse when I am writing.  The larger screen is just easier to use when I am sitting for several hours in front of a computer screen.

The wireless mouse wouldn’t function properly.  I could move the cursor,  but it wouldn’t open any apps. I checked to see if the problem was with the computer—no, the touchpad and cursor were operating properly.  I didn’t think the mouse needed new batteries since I could could roll the cursor all over the screen. But…I decided to change them just in case.  That decision commenced the great search for A A batteries.  Checked my battery drawer—multiple AAA, C, and 9V batteries, but alas no AA. Dove into the kitchen and desk drawers, and no luck.  Frustration was growing and my language was going down hill–I don’t have time for this aggravation; I have work to do! Suddenly it dawned on me to check my backpack where I stash extra  “everythings” for when I travel. Success! A new package of AA’s.  In they went to the mouse, and…the cursor was still uncooperative.

Well, I still had two more fresh batteries so I also changed the batteries in the keyboard. No change.  Because time was short I whipped the monitor and keyboard  out of the way and placed my laptop in the center of the desk.  I started to work, but soon got a stiff neck from looking at the smaller screen–the placement of the laptop just wasn’t an ergonomic good fit  since the height of my chair and desk are set for the larger monitor screen.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Decided to take a break before I ate a package of double stuffed Oreos in frustration.  Stretched out on the couch and read a chapter in a Dick Francis mystery.

Twenty minutes later I was back at my desk and it finally occurred to me to ask Google a question.  “Why won’t my Microsoft wireless mouse work?” Up popped several entries, and Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.24.50 PMthe first one looked promising.  Followed the directions and pushed a little button on the bottom of the mouse I had never noticed before and voila, the cursor was working properly.

Lesson learned once again.  Got a problem—Step one: DO A SEARCH ON THE INTERNET!

Of course I still haven’t gotten back to preparing for my class because I just had to share this experience, and…  I am a little distracted by the cooking shows on the PBS Create station.

One thought on “The Answer to Your Question is Just a Few Key Strokes Away

  • November 24, 2014 at 12:18 am

    Jill…Thanks for the important reminder to conduct simple searches for any number of reasons. I especially like the idea of using search to solve those nagging tech issues that inevitably arise. Certainly an important life skill for anyone.

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