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BoomerTECH Adventures now has a YouTube Channel!  We are posting videos full of tips and hints related to popular digital devices.  Here is one of BoomerTECH Adventures Guide Chris Toy explaining some cool attributes of the iPhone flashlight, including how to turn it into a lantern!

You can also learn more about the faces behind BoomerTECH Adventures.  You will see that we are all Boomers who just happen to be convinced that technology, when used wisely, can enhance and enrich our lives. Meet BoomerTECH Adventures guide Ed…


We will be adding videos regularly. If you subscribe to the channel you will receive a notification that there is a new video up.  Subscribe by going to YouTube and search for BoomerTECH Adventures.

Click on the Subscribe button.

Right now you will find videos on the following:

  • iPhone flashlight
  • An app that to use when helping young ones with their math (double check the answer1)
  • Secrets of the iPhone/iPad keyboard
  • Using the Apple app Maps
  • And more…

The great thing about videos is that you can watch them as many times as you want. Learn something new or brush up on the ins and outs of a function of your device you sort of feel comfortable using.

What digital topic would you like to see a video posted?  Leave a response in the comment box and we will work on getting one up.

See you on YouTube!