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iPhone: A Few of Our Favorite Things…

When the dog bites When the bee stings When I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don’t feel so bad I simply remember my favorite things… Many folks will immediately hear Julie Andrews’ voice from the Sound of Music in their heads as they read the lines above. It’s a…

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Ultimate Checklist For Travel With Digital Devices

Here’s a handy travel checklist for your digital devices.

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Photos App Basics: Organization & Navigation on Macs

What you see when you open up the app, organization & navigation, and finding the picture you want.

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Sharing Photos Using New Photos App on Macs

The top menu in the Mac Photos app has a tab labeled Shared. This tab allows you to automatically see photos you have taken on your iPhone or iPad and images that have been shared with you from other Apple devices. Pretty cool!  You do have to make sure your mobile devices are running iOS 8 and…

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Seventh Inning Stretch Almost Over

What’s next? Thirteen years teaching high school and middle school students in New York and Colorado; 25 years as a college professor in Maine; four years since retirement (we call if “refocusing” at our house) and still working with students, teachers, and parents helping them to use technology for learning in a safe and ethical…

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