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DIY Lightbox Hack — Digitize Those Old Photos NOW!

Chris shows how to build a simple homemade lightbox allowing you to digitize old photos.

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Isolate and copy an item in a iPhone/iPad Photograph

You can isolate and lift an item out of an iPhone/iPad photograph, and then copy and paste into a Facebook post, Pages document, a Notes entry, or other location.

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Learn about the “For You” Tab in Photos on iPhone and iPad

This is the fun part of Photos. Use the FOR YOU tab in Photos to view slideshows and special collections already made for you and organized by Memories, Shared, Featured.

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How to Take Panoramic Photos on Your iPhone

Learn how to use the PANO feature on your iPhone camera to take spectacular panoramic shots of nature or indoor photos of family fun.

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Photos App Basics: Organization & Navigation on Macs

What you see when you open up the app, organization & navigation, and finding the picture you want.

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