Turning Old Slides Into Digital Images

Do you have boxes of slides gathering dust in your closet?

Watch this video to learn how to convert your favorite slides to digital images. You are not going to believe how easy it is!

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hi this is chris toy your boomer tech guide  and today i’m going to show you a really

easy way to turn your slides into digital  photographs so let’s get started to do this

you’re not going to need to buy an  app or subscribe to anything special

but what you will need is something you can  use as a light table and what i’m using here

is an ipad that i have and what i’m going to  do is i’m going to open up the notes to a blank

and so what’s great about this is that this  will be the light table so in essence what

i’ll do is i will place the slide above the the  ipad which will then backlight the slide now

there’s a little bit of a trick here that  you’re going to have to deal with and that is

if i place this slide right on the ipad what’s  going to happen is the camera is going to pick

up the little dots the pixels on the screen and  you don’t want that you just want the light so

there are a couple ways you can do this one way  is to put a frosted piece of plastic or glass

on top of the ipad so that when you place  your slide on the pixels will be frosted out

the other way you can do it which i think is  better because it doesn’t block any of the light

is to raise the slide up above the pixels  so that the pixels will be out of focus

so they’ll be blurred out and the way you can do  that is to use a cookie cutter or a biscuit cutter

which is just a little bit bigger than

the image so we’ll put that right on top  of that so now this so the slide is above

the uh the pixels then what you’ll want is  you’re going to want a way to control the light

so that most of the light is coming from behind  and again the easiest way to do this is to use

a recycled toilet paper roll so you could uh  salvage this from all of the toilet paper that

that you’ve been hoarding hopefully you’ve  been using and we’ll just let me just turn

that so it’s the smooth part down so  i’ve cut this down to about three inches

which gives the enough distance for the  focal point and so now let me unlock this

there we go so now when i put the  camera right over it you can see

the image but what i can do  now is i can zoom in the image

so there we have and since the  orientation is a little bit different

i can change the orientation  as well and then we’ll just

shrink that back down a little bit

all right and we’ll just snap picture  and there we have the slide of the

of the uh oops gets that the slide  of this beautiful french countryside

reflection on a bridge so let me show  you a couple other ways that we can

hold this above another way is to use a can and  we would just we could just put that can right

over this and we could just take the picture  that way so instead of a toilet paper roll

what i like to do is i like to use a plastic box

and what i’ve done is i’ve drilled a hole  in the plastic box and i’ll just put that

right over the whole thing  look down in there and we’ll

put that right over that and see look at that  we can kind of move that right around and we can

take that photograph what’s nice about  this is it holds it nice and steady

you can kind of zoom in and out all right so

that’s it it’s pretty simple just a way to turn  your slides into digital images so that you can

save them and share them and create slideshows  thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next time

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