Scam Alert! Again!

I opened my email yesterday to find a very nice thank you from Paula thanking me for my purchase of the Noton 360 Delux.

Screen shot of email from Norton

My first reaction was a double-take because at first glance the receipt looked legitimate. It included the product name, a license ID, a phone number, and a price.  Plus, Norton is a reputable company focused on digital security. But since I have received about 50 similar emails and texts, I knew it was a scam. When we look more closely, there are several red flags shouting DELETE! First, the greeting–most receipts use your name, not your email. Next, look at how the price is stated, 395 USD. Again, not the way I usually see the price shown on a receipt. Then at the bottom where you can click to return the product, it simply says link. No URL or email is listed.

My first step to check out a scam is to google it.  In this case, I searched Norton + Scam. Look at what popped up.

search results for Norton + Scam

Obviously, I am not the only one receiving these messages!  I also check my credit card statement to make sure there are no charges.

We’ve written and chatted about scams previously. You can click below to learn ways to avoid being taken advantage of by these nefarious folks.

Protect yourself–do not click on a link unless you are 150% sure it is legitimate. These scammers are clever devils that know how to make messages appear real.

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