Our Amazing iPhones

Maybe you’ve read the same quip about modern cell phones as I have, “2021 cell phones have more power than the computer used in the Apollo moon shots.” I was curious about the veracity of such a statement so I did a bit of online research.  I thought the response that I found at Quora summarized the facts the best. https://www.quora.com/If-your-phone-has-more-processing-power-than-all-the-computers-that-sent-men-to-the-Moon-and-if-you-went-back-to-the-Apollo-program-could-they-use-your-phone-only-to-send-men-to-the-Moon

Although our cell phones are faster and have more memory, they couldn’t be substituted for the AGC computer for several reasons. Foremost being that the computer was integrated into the spacecraft systems and “… received data from the guidance instruments, calculated attitude and trajectory changes, and fired thrusters and engines to control the spacecraft.”  Evidently this attribute was revolutionary in the late 1960’s.

Ok…we’re not going to fly spacecraft to the moon or Mars with our cell phones. As I write that I realize there is probably a bright middle schooler trying to do just that (-: However, our iPhones are rather amazing, and I bet most of us do not use 50% of its capabilities.


Here’s one feature of which most of us are unaware — the accessibility options in Settings.  There are numerous ways you can personalize your iPhone to address vision, hearing, and physical & motor issues. As we age, many of us are dealing with such issues.  We at BoomerTECH Adventures invite you to explore accessibility possibilities with our course, 15iPhone/iPad Vision Accessibility Features.


Also, we bet you would also enjoy learning more about your iPhone through our Hidden Gems series.


Hidden Gems Lurking in Your iPhone and iPad


Here’s just a preview of what you will learn: how to stop websites from tracking your search history, how to create your own emoji, how to manage your Control Center, and lots more! Then you will want to move on to our second course.


MORE Hidden Gems Lurking in Your iPhone and iPad


In this course you will learn: how to prepare your device for transfer of ownership, what to do immediately if your device is lost or stolen, strategies for organizing your 1000+ picture is Photos, and what a widget is and how to add them to your device. Plus, there are many more tricks and tips in this course that show you how to tap into all of your iPhone’s potential.


There are a couple of things about our courses that make them unique:

  1. You have direct access to us if you have questions. Simply email ed@boomertechadventures.com and we will reply asap! Very few online courses give you easy and fast access to the instructors.
  2. There are no time limits on how long you have access to the course. Many course have time constraints, not us!
  3. You can watch the videos as many times as you want. You set your own pace.


Explore beyond your usual uses of your iPhone this spring and bloom into a master iPhone user.


All of our courses can be found on our website. https://www.boomertechadventures.com/downloads/

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