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An inquisitive mind is a characteristic of healthy aging. We at BoomerTECH Adventures whole-heartedly support life long learning because we know our clients, friends, and family need to remain intellectually sharp in order to master the ever-evolving 21st century tech skills necessary for modern life. Publishing a weekly newsletter is one way we help boomers and seniors build their competence and confidence with their devices so they can navigate the digital world.

Our newsletter provides you with up-to-date info related to your Apple device updates, tips for understanding the hidden features of your devices, direct links to our resources, and curated links to other excellent resources.  Every week you have a chance to learn something new about the digital world.


There are real people creating these newsletters that include a link for connecting directly with us to answer any questions you have related to the newsletter.

Here are a couple of examples of what types of useful information you can expect to receive:

1. Information about ways to ward off one of plagues of the digital world–scams.


2. An invitation to explore a digital device or feature in one of our courses.


3. Links to cool apps you might enjoy.


4. Tips to make your everyday activities more fun.


The newsletters are free and will arrive in your email. Keep learning with us!


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