iPhone Spring Scavenger Hunt–What Can You Find?

Lung wort

A quick perusal of the garden tells me when spring has arrived. A low-to-the-ground plant with speckled leaves and pink and blue flowers heralds the warming days after the spring equinox.  Of course, this is Maine and if I lived fifty miles to the west, I could be enjoying a snowstorm tomorrow. Fortunately, I will only see rain.

Spring means longer walks with new things to see and hear.  The pollinators are emerging from wherever they spent the winter, and the summer birds are arriving. Sightings of hummingbirds have occurred in southern New Hampshire (https://www.hummingbirdcentral.com/hummingbird-migration-spring-2022-map.htm); time to get out the feeders and fill them with sugar water.

Robins have been back to Maine for a while–some never left and wintered over. If you are fascinated by birds, watch this video to see how many birds you can quickly identify.  Will any of them be in your neighborhood?

Walking on trails I see many families and some grandparents out with their grandkids. A scavenger hunt is always fun when out and about. Here’s one we put together for your enjoyment.  Not too long, it should engage even your youngest friends and give you an opportunity to share your knowledge of the natural environment.

You can download the scavenger hunt here:  Spring Scavenger Walk

There are a multitude of apps that will enhance your spring walks. Some suggestions!

Picture This.  This app will identify plants and flowers, plus explain how to grow and take care of them.

Wild Garlic

Insect Snap: Find out what is buzzing around your head.

Insects I’ve identified using Insect Snap.

If birds interest you, capture their songs with Voice Memo, an app that comes already installed on your iPhone.  I recorded this lovely bird singing its heart out a few evenings ago.

I was pretty sure it was a robin, but to be sure I used the Merlin Bird ID app to confirm.

The Merlin Bird ID app is one of my favorites because it will identify a bird by appearance or song.

You might also enjoy BoomerTECH Adventures’ latest article in The Times Record written by BTA guide Chris Toy: 11 Springtime Digital Resources.

Enjoy spring and take a walk! Be sure to take along your phone–not to talk, but to learn more about your environment.

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