iPhone: A Few of Our Favorite Things…

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

I simply remember my favorite things…

Many folks will immediately hear Julie Andrews’ voice from the Sound of Music in their heads as they read the lines above. It’s a sentiment we all relate to — favorite things, favorite people, favorite places and the list goes on. We at BoomerTECH Adventures all have favorite things about our iPhones, and they are not the necessarily the same features.  We thought it would be fun to explore the iPhone from this particular perspective so we asked ourselves and several BTA friends to expand on this idea.  Although “raindrops on roses” and “brown paper packages tied up with string” did not appear on the list, there was a great deal of variety in our responses.

Some of our favorite things about our iPhones:

Only people owned by their pets will appreciate this favorite feature—the back lit screen.  I can read with all of the lights out and not disturb Sammy the Pooch. I admit it, Sammy sleeps with me. Once we have hit the bed, reading a book with the light on  agitates Sammy.  He whines, he paces, he paws my arm. (You can tell who is the alpha dog here.) Evidently once he is on the bed, he prefers lights out so he can get his beauty sleep.  My iPhone or iPad is the perfect solution. Lights are out and the Night Shift option does not keep him awake.

Communication was a common thread among all of us.

Mike reports, “My favorite feature is that it makes phone calls! (Seriously!) We currently have two homes and work almost 2hrs apart from each other. So those calls each night keep us close.”

Others love the texting feature that allows them instant contact with friends and family all over the world. Facetime is another favorite for staying connected.  While on safari deep in Zimbabwe, my traveling buddy Facetimed her family several times when the camp generator was up and running.  Imagine, lions roaring in the distance and elephants snuffling at the waterhole while you are talking face-to-face with your family back in Maine. Truly amazing!

Another feature that aids communication is the dictation feature. Peg sometimes gets tired of typing and just uses the dictation function to send texts and emails.

The flashlight, though used for widely different purposes, was was an overwhelming favorite of the crowd surveyed:

  • Finding slippers under the bed
  • Inserting the key in the front door when the outside light isn’t on
  • Locating dog droppings to bag up when on the nightly walk.

Speaking of the flashlight, did you know you can ask Siri to turn it on for you?  Just checked—Siri will turn it on and off for you.  Boy, is that convenient when you are groping around in the dark for your keys or finding your way up a dark path.

Others of us use Siri constantly for making phone calls, writing texts, or getting directions. The “Hey Siri” command definitely helps with hands-free driving when your car is too old for the iPhone and music Bluetooth connections. Barbara uses Siri as a fashion consultant. Siri checks the temperature for her so she can decide what coat to wear for the day and if she might need her galoshes.

Chris lives by his iPhone calendar. It keeps him organized and on time for his various activities. Some of us still rely on a paper calendar, but not Chris. The little dots on the monthly calendar page alert him that he probably needs to get in his car or on his recumbent bicycle and head out.

Another huge favorite feature is Maps. For example, Nancy drives cancer patients to and from treatments.  Finding their residences and medical facilities would be much more complicated and way less efficient if she couldn’t just tap in the various addresses. While reading, I often open Maps to see where a setting or an event is. I like to check out where places are in relation to other locations.

Ed loves the widgets (They are on the search screen—keep swiping left to right until you see the search window at the top.  Then scroll down).  He likes to quickly check the weather and news updates.  There are a multitude of widgets that allow you to check your stocks, upcoming podcasts, and how much screen time you have accumulated over the past week. Simply scroll all the way down the search screen until you see New Widgets Available.

Finally, the camera app is a huge favorite.  It captures fabulous sunsets, memorable family moments, and places we never want to forget.

The iPhone is surely a versatile tool for our times.  It serves many different purposes for individuals.  Perhaps a feature was mentioned in this post that you have never thought about using and now you plan to try it out.  We hope so! Happy learning!

Are you willing to share a favorite thing about your iPhone?  Leave us a comment!  Thanks!

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