Insert Tables in Pages on Your Mac: Focus Readers’ Attention on Important Info

Sometimes, important details get lost or overlooked in a lengthy document. An antidote is to summarize critical information in a table. In this post, we’re going to demonstrate how to insert a table in a Pages document on your Mac laptop or desktop.

Open a Pages document and peruse the menu at the top of the blank page. Look for the word “Table.”

Before you click on “Table,” be sure to place your cursor exactly where you want the table to go. When you click on table, your will see that you have choices related to how it will look.

Notice the arrows on the right and left side of the drop down box–they tell you that there are other choices.

These choices include different colored top rows and different shadings in the actual table. Once you make your choice, a blank table will appear where your cursor is.

You can adjust the size of your table by clicking on the two circles with parallel lines.

There is a video at the bottom of the post that demonstrates this process.

You also need to be aware that you can adjust the size and color of the text that goes in the individual cells.

The formatting menu on the left hand side of your document provides choices for font, font size, & color.

Here are some examples of how you might use a table.

On a flyer advertising a yard sale.

A schedule of some sort.

An order of events.

There are a multitude of uses for tables whether you are sending out newsletters or making a report or summarizing a meeting. Tables allow you to focus your readers’ attention on important data.

With these directions, you have enough information to get started. However, as with learning any new process, mistakes will be made and do-overs will occur. Remember the old saying, “Practice makes perfect.”

Watch this video to see the steps.  The process will become clear after watching the steps in motion.

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