Features You Need to Check Out on Your iPhone/iPad!

Before COVID struck, friends and I loved to explore new restaurants for lunch.  One day, we drove north to try the food at the legendary Maine truck stop, Dysart’s in Hermon. It gained national recognition several years ago when bloopers from a commercial being filmed there went viral on YouTube.  For a good chuckle, watch below.

We had a great lunch that included some buttery, flakey crust and while talking, my friend Sue pulled out her iPhone to show us a picture of a gorgeous arrangement in an outside container. “Where did you see that?” we exclaimed at the same time. “It’s a screenshot,” she replied. At that point, we insisted she that teach us how to take a screenshot. Out came all of our phones, and we received an impromptu lesson before our dessert of luscious chocolate cream pie!

Here’s what we learned:

If you have a phone with a home button, hold down the home button and the on/off button together for just a tick. You will hear a click and see a flash; the screenshot will go to your Photos app.

If your iPhone has no home button, hold down the on/off button and the up volume button at the same time. Again, press them just for an instant. Warning: If you hold these buttons down too long, you may alert emergency services.  A long press activates the SOS feature.

Needless to say, all of us have been taking screenshots left and right–recipes, plants, furniture arrangements, color schemes, and so on. When I had my kitchen reconfigured, I found examples of layouts online and showed my carpenter the screenshots. I was ecstatic with the outcome!

Here are three more iPhone/iPad features you may not have found yet. Try them out.

  • Scanning
  • Voice recording
  • Screen recording


Your cell phone can be used as a scanner.  Just think of the times you might want to have a scanner available: digitize old family photos, organize receipts, or have copies of your passport, COVID vaccination card, and driver’s license on your phone for easy retrieval, and so on.

iPhone/iPad App

Notes Icon

• Open your Notes app.

• Then tap on the camera icon

• A box appears with choices; tap Scan Documents.

Image # 1. Your camera app will open. Position your phone over the item to be scanned. Tap shutter (white circle).

Image # 2.  Adjust the white lines (red arrow) to enclose what you want to be scanned. Tap either Retake or Keep Scan.

Image # 3.  The scanned item will appear in a new Note. Be sure to label the Note at the top so you can find the item easily.

• If you tap the Share Icon (box with pen), you’ll see lots of choices.

Voice Recording

You are listening to a set of directions and scribbling them down as quickly as you can.  You think, “I wish I had a recording of this information so I could be sure I do not leave anything out!” Luckily this wish can come true.  Your cell phone can act like a tape recorder.

iPhone/iPad App

Voice Memo Icon

Your iPhone comes with the Voice Memo app and it is very easy to use.

• Open the app.

• You will see a screen similar to the one on the left in the image above. Tap the red button to record.

• You will see the sound waves of the voices so you know the conversation is being recorded. Tap the red square to end.

• Name the recording by tapping on New Recording and typing in the label you want to use.

• Recordings are automatically saved.

Screen Recording

Imagine that you are trying to explain to a friend or family member over the phone how a specific feature on an iPhone works. Frustration abounds because the directions just are not making sense to the other person.  You know if you could show them in person the steps they need to take, all would be well. Perhaps you can’t be there in person, however, you can make a screen recording of the steps and send that along.  Your friend can watch it as many times as necessary to master the new skill. Here’s a video that will teach you how to make a screen recording on either your iPhone or iPad.

You can learn more about your iPhone/iPad by going to our YouTube Channel; we have a variety of videos explaining the features of iPhones and iPads.

Also, we have several courses related to iPhones including Introduction to iPhone Basics and Hidden Gems Lurking on Your iPhone. Click here to go to our courses page.

Out iPhones and iPads have a multitude of features to uncover–have fun!

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