Duplicates, Duplicates, Duplicates!

Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac have features that allow you to identify and eliminate duplicates in your Contacts and Photos apps. By getting rid of duplicates, you gain valuable storage space on your device.

Here’s how to check for duplicates:

Mac Contacts: Open the Contacts app and click on Card in the top menu. Scroll down to Look for Duplicates.

Once you click on Look for Duplicates, you will see a message. You have the option to merge.

Mac Photos:

Open the Photos app and look for Duplicates in the left hand menu. Click on Duplicates.


You will then see the duplicate photos and you can merge them.


iPhone Contacts: Open the Contacts app and look for your name. Under it will be the words My Card. Under that you will find a prompt for checking your duplicates.


When you tap View Contacts, a list will pop up for you to check. You can choose to merge all of the cards. However, you probably want to check them to see if the information is current.


You can also merge contacts manually. Here’s an Apple Support link that lists the steps and what happens to the information on the individual cards. It’s a different outcome than merging the information. https://support.apple.com/guide/iphone/merge-or-hide-duplicate-contacts-iph2ab28320d/ios

Sometimes after updating to iOS 17, you may not find “My Card” on either your iPhone or iPad.

Here are two resources that offer solutions to this issue.




iPhone Photos: When you open your Photos App, tap on the Albums tab. As you scroll through the possible albums, you will come to Utilities. That’s where you will find the option to view your duplicates.

Once you tap on Duplicates, the photos you have multiples of will appear. You can choose the ones you want to merge.


iPad Contacts: Open your Contacts app and look for your name.  Just like the iPhone, you will find the option to view your duplicates under your name.

Once you tap on View Duplicates, a list similar to the one for the iPhone will appear. Then you can merge your multiple cards.  Also, remember to check the information and delete anything out of date.


iPad Photos:  When you open your iPad’s Photos app, you should see a left hand menu. If you do not, tap on the blue rectangle in the upper left corner of your screen and the menu will open. The option to duplicate is in the Utilities folder.

When you tap on Duplicates, your options will appear. You can choose to merge individual images and videos.

It is worth your time to eliminate duplicates, especially if your are running out of storage space on your device. Here’s what to do if you want to check your storage capacity.


  • Click the Apple in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Scroll to System Settings and click. Then click on General and then About. Scroll down and you will see Macintosh HD and Storage.



iPhone & iPad

  • To check your storage on your iPhone and iPad, open Settings and scroll down to General. Tap.
  • Look for iPhone or iPad Storage and tap.
  • A bar graph will appear that shows how much of your storage capacity you have used.



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  1. Linda Pletka on January 19, 2024 at 3:55 pm

    This is great! Thank you for this.

    I found a few photo duplicates to merge, but for Contacts nowhere I looked could I find a “My Card” on my iPadPro, using iPadOS 17.2.


    • Jill Spencer on January 19, 2024 at 9:42 pm

      Linda, I emailed you with a possible solution.

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