Dilemma: Desktop or Laptop?

Recently, I was chatting with a friend and the topic of computers came up. She knew the time had come to replace her old laptop and was weighing the advantages of a laptop over a desktop. I shared that when I was no longer consulting and needed a laptop for work that I went with a desktop. I really like the larger screen and keyboard for my BoomerTECH Adventures work. Then I admitted that after a year I also also purchased a laptop because at times I still needed a portable computer for an occasional presentation or meeting. Although I love my iPad and it does everything I need, I still prefer a laptop for presenting.


I am sure some of our readers also face the same dilemma–laptop or desktop. I decided a chart on the pros and cons from my point of view might be helpful to others.


Device Pros Cons
Mac Desktop
  • Large screen.
  • Larger keyboard.
  • Great when using sites like Canva for graphics.
  • I also find it easier to use Pages (word processing) & Keynote (presentation slides) because of the larger screen, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Adequate storage for my needs.
  • Can answer my phone on it when working.
  • Not portable.
  • If I lose power, I can’t use use it.
Mac Laptop
  • Portable
  • Larger screen than my iPad or iPhone
  • Can use it anywhere in my home, including my comfy recliner.
  • If I lose power, I can still use it.
  • I prefer to use Pages (word processing)  & Keynote (presentation) on it rather than the versions of those apps on my iPad.
  • Adequate storage for my needs.
  • Can answer my phone on it when working.
  • Screen is not as large as the desktop.
  • I don’t currently use a mouse with it, but I could. Not using a mouse slows me down.
  • Have to remember to keep it charged if not near an electrical outlet.
  • New Mac laptops do not have a USB port so external devices like external hard drives or connecting to a projector may require an extra connector.


The best of both worlds was when I attached a separate good-sized monitor and keyboard to my laptop. Then I had portability when I traveled and a large screen and keyboard when I was home. Lesson learned–do not get rid of extra equipment–you never know when you might want to use it again(-:

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