Change Your Google Email Password–iPad

Previous posts reviewed the steps for changing your password for Gmail and your other Google accounts on your computer and iPhone.  Today we will look at the same process, but only on your iPad. The process on both the iPhone and iPad is nearly identical, though the screens look different.

Last time, we mentioned how scams and phishing expeditions are proliferating to the point that we have to change passwords in order to protect ourselves. It’s important to remember, if you change your Google/Gmail password on one device, it will also be changed for all of your digital devices.  Therefore, you do not need to repeat the process on each device.

Here are the directions for changing your password when Gmail is open on your iPad.

It is pretty easy to change the Gmail/Google password when you use the Gmail app for your iPad instead of going through the iPhone Mail app. If you don’t have the specific Gmail app, go to the App Store and download it.  It is free.

When you open the Gmail app, your screen will look similar to the image below. Notice that in the middle is your picture or a blank avatar in a circle. Tap the circle.

This screen should appear. Tap the words “Manage your Google Account.”

Your next screen will look like this one. It’s the “Home” screen for managing your Google account.

Next, tap Security on the Home screen. The screen below will appear, and you need to scroll down until you see Password under Signing into Google. Tap the little arrow next to Password.

You’ll be given the opportunity to choose a new password. Notice you have to type it in twice.  Be sure to read all of Google’s directions. Finally, tap Change Password.  If you forget this step, nothing will change!

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