Playing with Photoshop Online Tools

Image of Photoshop Online ToolsPhotoshop has been on my mind for a lot of years, but I’ve never invested in the time or the money to learn this application.  However, after reading in “Learning a New Skill Works Best to Keep the Brain Sharp” that the best results came from learning complex skills like Photoshop, I decided it was time to explore this program.

As I began to research how to download Photoshop and how much it costs ($100+), I came across a FREE version called Photoshop Online Tools.  It certainly does not do everything the entire program does, but it has tools that will require practice before I will master them.

Image of tool page

Tools to Learn

image of a beach roseNever one to read directions, I just jumped in and started to mess around.  Here is the original image of a beach rose (Rosa rugosa) I took last summer. It’s over exposed because it was the height of day and light was reflecting off the white stones nearby.








It looks more vibrant when I use the tools to crop and adjust the exposure!

Image of the edited image for exposure

Cropped and Adjusted Exposure

The effects tools are great fun to play with!  You can pixelate or distort or make the image look like a drawing.

Black and White Effect with a Pop of Color

Black and White Effect with a Pop of Color


Pixelate Effect

Pixelate Effect













I’m not ready for my first gallery show, but I sure am having fun manipulating my photographs!

Here’s a short video that demonstrates how this tool works!