image of tomato plantI love to cook–especially with fresh ingredients from the garden.  Therefore I was excited to see that Robin Raskin in her post “9 Apps Every Baby Boomer Should Know” listed a recipe app as number 1. Edamam  At first I was put off by the name because it was too close to edamame, soybeans in their pods, which I detest. But I went to the App Store to check it out.  It’s AWESOME.  Note:  It’s also accessible via your computer and Google Play Store.

I took a series of screen shots with my iPad so I could share how the app is organized.



Opening  screen of Edamam

screen of Edamam

Here’s the opening screen.  You can sign up for an account to make it easy to save favorite recipes.  Then, you only have to type in what you are hungry for.  I was thinking about when my tomatoes ripen so I wrote fresh tomato pasta.










Here’s what popped up!

Choices, choices, choices!

Choices, choices, choices!


Refine your search.

Refine your search.

But I’m a Boomer who needs to watch the calories and salt intake.  So I decided I better filter my choices a bit.  I clicked on refine by calories and diet.  The app provides this handy-dandy check list to help the viewer put conditions in place for their search.

My new choices–Still many delicious-looking entrees!

endam3I admit it–I love pizza.  So I clicked on Frying Pan Pizza.  Pizza for under 400 calories — count me in!  The ingredients looked pretty straight forward except for courgette–what in the world is a courgette???? Looked it up–it’s a zucchini.  Well, this is a British app so there does need to be an occasional translation.  You can see from the screen shots that the preparation directions are clear and easy to follow.  225 grams by the way equals a cup.  Also, the app provides information on calories, sodium, carbs, etc.  Of course you can use another one of the apps recommended by Raskin to find out that information, My Fitness Pal. More about that one in a future posting.


Can’t wait to try Frying Pan Pizza–I will report in a later post how it tastes as well as explore some of the other apps mentioned by Raskin (“9 Apps Every Baby Boomer Should Know“).  Happy eating!

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