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CEO of Apple

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Jill Spencer

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Re: Marketing for Apple’s new watch


Dear Mr. Cook,

I’ve been watching the ads on TV for Apple’s new watch and am really impressed with this new device.  Also, the visuals used in the ads are very striking and intriguing–who wouldn’t want to send an image of a heart to one you loved!?!  But, as I watch I notice that no one in the ad seems to be over 35.

Desktop Screen Shot from My Mac Air

Desktop Screen Shot from My Mac Air

I think to myself, I’ve been purchasing Apple devices for longer than most of those people in the ads have been alive.  My first computer was an Apple IIc. I bet few of the Apple developers or marketers have ever touched a floppy disk in their entire lives. Here I am, writing this post on my Mac Air, probably the 6th or 7th Apple computer I have owned, and I wonder to myself…Does Apple no longer want my business? Do they think I am too old for wearable technology? Then I look down at my wrist to check the weather on my Pebble watch and think, “Apple is missing the boat by not including Boomers and Seniors in their targeted audience.”


Boomers like wearable technology like the Pebble Watch!  Why not an Apple Watch?

Boomers like wearable technology such as the Pebble Watch! Why not an Apple Watch?

A recent article in The Atlantic reports that Boomers and Seniors control up to 75% of our country’s wealth, and that Boomers, especially, are determined to spend their hard-earned money on the “fantasies of their youth.”  Have you ever noticed who is driving the fancy convertibles around town?  Most of them have gray hair!  Hmmm…75% of the country’s wealth–that’s a lot of dollars to ignore in your advertising campaign, Mr. Cook.

Furthermore, “The 46- to 64-year-old group now spends more money on technology than any other demographic, according to Forrester Research’s annual benchmark tech study.” I can verify that Boomers and Seniors are very interested in using technology for a variety of purposes.  I teach adult ed classes on the iPad and iPhone, and they are always packed.  Participants want to explore all of the potential functions of their smartphones and tablets.  I am pretty sure many of them would be intrigued by Apple’s new watch.

BoomerTECH Adventures Retreat

BoomerTECH Adventures Retreat

BoomerTECH Adventures caters to Boomers and Seniors, and we find our clients are full of curiosity about ways to integrate the digital world into their lives.  We want to keep up with our grandchildren, but not just from our armchairs.  We are an active bunch–traveling, starting small businesses, organizing community events, and working hard to keep fit.  Relationships are important to us so staying connected with family anywhere is the world is of utmost importance. And…so is renewing old friendships and engaging in online dating to find a new love.


Safari in Zimbabwe

Safari in Zimbabwe


So Mr. Cook, I have a recommendation for you and your “Watch” marketing team.  Include some active Boomers and Seniors in your TV commercials.  Show them checking their Apple watch while kayaking or going on safari or hiking into Machu Picchu or building a greenhouse.  Remember…75% of the country’s wealth and the largest demographic buying technology.  You do not want to lose us as customers.

Thank you and good luck with “the Watch.”

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