Take Fabulous Photos of the Flora & Fauna in Your World

This course by BoomerTECH Adventures guide, Jill Spencer, shows you how to take beautiful photos of flowers, plants, and wildlife.

Four easy-to-follow videos demonstrate and give examples of each of the topics including: Using focus, exposure and HDR features to capture the beauty of your surroundings; ways to avoid blurry images; tips for composing your images; and editing options that turn so-so images into stunning ones.

In addition to the instructional videos, we have several articles with useful information to build your repertoire of photographic strategies.

This course is made for you if you want to learn to use your camera or significantly upgrade your skills and abilities.

This course package contains all the materials you need: Tips for Getting Started, summaries of each of the instructional videos, and a list of all course resources (videos and printed articles). All resources are accessible from the course booklet.

If you have any questions, please contact BoomerTECH Adventures at ed@boomertechadventures.com.

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