Digital Tools for the Beginning Memoir Writer

Each of us has a story to tell. However, the memories of red marks on our school essays often keep us from sharing our stories. Fortunately, the digital world offers planning and editing supports unavailable in the past. This course will show you how to use these tools and others to unleash your creative self.

This course introduces you to a variety of digital tools that support writing your memoir, even if you are a bit uncomfortable writing for an audience. There are seven videos that concentrate on different aspects of the process you will probably use to write your memoir. Each video discusses several helpful digital tools or websites. Expressing one’s thoughts, feelings, and perhaps even secrets is a daunting prospect for most of us. These digital tools will remove some angst about the mechanics of writing and allow you to concentrate on your content and message.

The course package contains all the materials you need: Tips for Getting Started, summaries of each of the instructional videos, a list of all course resources (videos and printed articles).
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