Cooking with BoomerTECH Adventures

BoomerTECH Adventures guides Chris, Jill, and Ed share their love of cooking and enjoyment of different types of foods.

This course is made for you if you want to learn several new cooking techniques and try out a variety of recipes

You will learn how to prepare several tasty stir fries using traditional Chinese flavorings, make fresh pasta, turn leftover sweet potato into gnocchi, stir up a great fried rice, and give ramen soup a delicious upgrade.

In addition, discover an easy way to make your own pita pockets, flat breads, and tortillas.

Plus, you will see a way to combine the benefits of cooking on cast iron with your love of grilling.

We haven’t forgotten dessert! Who can resist a delectable chocolate brownie torte or apple pie?

The course package contains all the materials you need: Tips for Getting Started, summaries of each of the instructional videos, and a list of all course resources (videos and printed articles).
If you have any questions, please contact BoomerTECH Adventures at

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