Searching the internet on your digital devices provides instant entertainment, and an opportunity to wile away a couple of hours on a dreary, foggy afternoon. Why, you might even discover that despite disparaging remarks from friends and family about your slovenly ways and potty-mouth that these characteristics are actually signs that you are quite brilliant!

Just look at what I discovered this weekend:


  1. From the article…

People who wear crazy socks are telling the world that they refuse to conform to social trends, boldly displaying their playful personalities and unique sensibilities. They’re leading a revolution against uniforms and decorum.”




2. Birth order matters!  According to the Economist, the first born sibling has about 1.5 IQ points advantage over the second born.  Hmmmm…. I am surely not going to forward this article to my OLDER sister!
3. Cursing is not such a bad thing, after all.  “The research suggests that a healthy vocabulary of curse words is a sign of rhetorical skill.”
lazy4. Putting your feet up and not being task-oriented all of the time is also a positive.

“New research seems to prove the theory that brainy people spend more time lazing around than their active counterparts.”

Evidently, according to researchers at Florida Gulf Coast University, intelligent people are less likely to get bored and so they spend more time just thinking.  Dukie is a very intelligent pooch!



5. Here is my favorite characteristic of an intelligent being–DISORGANIZATION!  I have taken grief all of my life about the way I organize my papers, my bills, my books, my spices, and cabinets as well as for not always working my way through tasks in a sequential manner. Finally–vindication.

messy desk copy

According to a post on Life Hack, there are at least 12 reasons why disorganization is a sign of intelligence.  Let me share just a couple…

  • We have a broad range of interests.
  • We often get distracted when we are not interested.
  • We think globally.
  • We need to be learning new things all of the time.
I exhibit 4 out of these 5 characteristics–How did you do? Never again feel guilty about putting your feet up for a couple of hours and exploring the world through your digital device–it’s a good thing to do!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I am now headed back to remove Sammy the Mutt from the recliner, lean back, and  power up my iPad to see where Google takes me tonight.