Reasons to Love My iWatch

After dithering for several years about purchasing an iWatch, I finally clicked on the “Buy” button. I wondered…

  • Would I wear it?
  • Was it worth the money?
  • Could I figure out how to make it work for me?

The answer to all of my questions has been a resounding YES and here’s why:

• I like wearing a watch. Since smartphones made their appearance, it’s been considered old-fashioned to strap on a traditional watch. After all, we could easily check the time on our phones.  But, I wasn’t one whose phone was glued to my hand; it was in my pocket or backpack or in the other room. Therefore, checking the time was often work. Since I am a bit neurotic about being on time, my iWatch has lowered my worries about being late. My iWatch has Face Recognition, so I just twist my wrist and it automatically lights up.

• Keeping track of how far I have walked each day has become simplified. I have gone through several iterations of Fitbits over the years–they’ve all done their job, however when I was wearing a watch, a Fitbit, and a bracelet my arm rattled when I walked. The iWatch has a built-in pedometer that includes a weekly summary allowing me to easily track my progress. This feature acts as a spur so I am walking more often and further.

• It reminds me to move and breathe. I like nothing more than curling up with an intriguing mystery, and hours can pass before I disturb the pooch in my lap and move about. My iWatch reminds me to stand and move every hour. It also reminds me to take time to breathe in a concentrated way which has health benefits. During this past year of COVID, I found myself more anxious with each new news flash. Breathing deeply and slowly quiets the mind. Indeed, there are several other features that encourage healthy behaviors which also include a positive reinforcement comment when I’ve reached a goal. I am surprised how I react to those messages that say, “You’ve reached your activity goal today.” It sounds a little silly, but I enjoy the pat on the back even if it is from a device (-:

• Safety features will reassure my distant family members who worry about me.  If I take a hard fall when out rambling, I will receive a message asking if I am OK.  If I do not respond, emergency services are alerted. It is also easy to send an SOS message to emergency services.

• I love emulating Dick Tracy by talking into my wrist. Reading the Dick Tracy comic every day was a childhood ritual, and I never imagined that I too could communicate through a device on my wrist. Being able to take a call or read a text when my phone is down the hall is so convenient.  This feature means I can leave the phone in the house when I am gardening and want to be able to receive messages.  I do have to test what the range is for the Bluetooth connection–I don’t think I can be across the street!

It’s only been a week, but I have decided my iWatch is worth every penny.

Jill Spencer

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