Change Your Google/Gmail Password: Computer

Scams, hacking, and phishing expeditions are growing exponentially. Changing our passwords has become a regular occurrence. Recent BTA Club questions have centered on changing Google and Gmail passwords so it seemed a post reviewing the directions would be a good idea.

We’re going to go over the directions in two parts. Today, we’ll list the steps for using one’s computer to change Google passwords.  Because the process is slightly different on iPads and iPhones, we will post part 2 tomorrow which will go over what to do on these devices.

Once you change your Google or Gmail password, it will apply to all of your Google accounts such as Google Drive, Google Photos, and so on. Also, the switch will include all of your Google apps on your various devices.

Directions for changing Google /Gmail password on your computer:

Specific directions are in red embedded in the images.

  1. Open Google Chrome or a Google tab on your favorite browser (Examples: Safari or Firefox).

2. Once you see a screen similar to the one below, look for the menu over on the left and click on Security.

3. On this next screen, scroll down until you see the word password.

4. A new screen will appear where you need to enter your current password.

5. Then a screen will appear where you will enter your new password–twice.  Hint: Don’t forget to cross out the old password and write this new one in the little notebook where you keep your passwords (or the other location where you keep track of passwords).

Important!  Remember to click on “Change Password” in the blue box, otherwise, you will not have made the change.

Those are the five steps.  If you have any questions, just post them in the comments below.

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Jill Spencer

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