It’s February and the snowiest month here in Maine. And…it’s snowing again after a huge dumper two days ago.

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February also means that my two fellow BoomerTECH Adventures Guides have deserted me, once again, for the sunny Caribbean.  I don’t get it.  Sun, sand, frozen tropical beverages–what’s the appeal?  One of them even has the nerve to send pictures of sand depth.  He will pay once back in the Pine Tree State.

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Truly, I am glad they are having grand adventures with family and friends.  At the same time, I have to admit to a bit of cabin fever.  Sinking into my recliner and totally losing myself in a cozy mystery hours on end is too easy and not particularly healthy.  What to do?  Well, my iPad is never far away, and I turned to it for solutions.

IMG_1903First, I knew I needed to get moving.  Plus I miss being outside.  However the ice build-up this winter is a bit daunting, and too many acquaintances have fallen and broken hips.  Solution–get some spikes for winter walking.  Shopping online is super easy these days, and I found just what I needed–winter spikes from STABIL, a Maine company.  Always like to shop locally, but this time I let my fingers do the walking to find just the right product…delivered to my door via my iPad.


But what other solutions might my tablet provide? I wondered if there were any Tai Chi apps.  I took a class years ago and invested in a video series I used pretty faithfully.  But alas, my VCR player was outdated eons ago.  I wondered..are there any Tai Chi apps? Well, of course there are. Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and find a myriad of choices–some free, some not.  I downloaded two and now begin my day with a Tai Chi session.  Very good for cabin fever and not a bad way to stay limber.



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What else could I find to divert myself and stave off cabin fever blues?  I went exploring and found several other things to engage my mind and body!

Cooking–oh my goodness, the New York Times Cooking app is a gateway to culinary experimentation. Can’t wait to try the French lasagna! Preparing new dishes is always an excuse to invite friends over and banish the tendency to hibernate in isolation during the winter.

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Despite the fact that my flower beds are 2 feet under snow, it is time start thinking about them. My plants all need to be reorganized, thinned, and divided.  Think I have found some apps that will give me a head start this year on conquering my gardens that seem to have a mind of their own.


So, I am busy adding apps to my iPad to supplement my Kindle app and various word games. It’s hard to be bored when the world is at my fingertips. What about you–what are your interests?  I bet you can find an app or YouTube video that will help you beat cabin fever if it is creeping in on the back of our winter gales.

Another option is to get to know your device a bit better.  Visit BoomerTECH Adventures Resource page to learn some tips and tricks related to your phone and/or tablet.

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One more app before I go.  Unfortunately, in some ways, this one sends me right back to the depths of my comfy recliner.  But, when the snow is swirling  and I want to just veg out and escape, I turn to the Acorn TV app ($5.00 a month). Immediately,  I am transported to merry, old England where some of the best TV originates. Enjoy!

Acorn TV

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