The BoomerTECHAdventures crew is always looking for ways to improve our retreats and workshops.  About 2/3 of our participants bring either an iPhone or iPad (or both) to our sessions so we have to be really on our toes to answer their questions about iOS devices. Where to start is always the dilemma.  Once we get past the very basics—buttons, swipes, and taps—the questions comes fast and furious.


How do I attach a picture to a text?

What about battery usage?

What does location services mean?

How do I create a specific ring tone for each of my children?

So…we really could use your help in refining our workshops and retreats.  What are your burning questions related to using your iPad and/or iPhone? Please take two minutes to respond to our one question survey. The survey is embedded below or you can click here to go directly to our survey page.  Your responses will only be seen by the BoomerTECH Adventures crew, and we never share information with anyone.  Thank you for helping us out!