Anywhere there is Wi-Fi, you're good to go!

Anywhere there is Wi-Fi, you’re good to go!

Our retreats …

  • Are informal, relaxed, and fun! 

  • Learn skills that you can use anytime, anywhere.

  • Immerse you in technology applicable to your personal and professional life.

Offered for Boomers by Boomers!


How your week will unfold…

First day—afternoon
We will meet in the afternoon for a welcome to the retreat, meet your fellow adventurers, and the BTA crew, and receive an overview of the retreat. We’ll hit the ground running with a focus on getting the most out of your device, whether smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Our setting is a comfortable, living room style atmosphere that encourages conversation as well as learning.

Second day—morningCAmera example
Morning workshops begin at 9 am so you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast–no rushing about at our retreats! Today’s topic is photography with your digital device. Beginners will meet together with one of the crew to review and practice the basics. Likewise, folks who are beyond the basics will meet to explore other features including adding special effects, adding text, creating artifacts, and editing with both the device and online apps.

Second day—CAmera exampleafternoon
We will work in small groups or individually to apply the skills from the morning sessions. Some may  choose  to meander outside shooting landscapes while other opt to  experiment with editing techniques. The crew will be on hand to coach, answer questions, or lend a helping hand.

We will also look at social networking with specific sessions geared to your interests. Possibilities include…

  • Getting comfortable with Facebook and other apps
  • Connecting with old friends and making new ones
  • Using social networking to grow a small business or increase visibility of a non-profit

The afternoon will again be in a workshop format where folks can pursue their own interests with the crew ready to help.

Third day—morning. The Internet is Your Oyster. Most of us are inefficient in our searching techniques and are also unaware of the vast opportunity the internet provides for continued learning. Topics include:

  • How to search without being tracked
  • iTunesU
  • News from overseas
  • Best places to find specific kinds of information
  • We’ll conclude with Cool Tools
  • What app might help me keep track of my garden?
  • How do I keep track of my passwords
  • When’s the tide right for fishing?
  • What are several health and fitness apps?
  • Can I find good investment tools online?

The retreat ends with a final wrap-up of sharing and good-byes.

What you will leave with…

√ A comfort level with your digital device(s) that ensures you will be able to problem solve questions and issues on your own.

√  Additional knowledge and skills that will enhance your personal and/or professional life.  Here are just a couple of possibilities:

I CAN figure out how to text a picture!

I CAN figure out how to text a picture!


  • Ideas to jump start a social media campaign for your new small business or organization:
    • 23.4% of new entrepreneurs are 50 years or older
    • We’ll help you explore the latest internet marketing tips
  • Ideas for helping out a favorite cause or charity
    • Raise money with online crowd sourcing
    • Design brochures and newsletters
    • Write effective blog and Facebook posts
  • A new hobby
    • Photography
    • Online gaming
    • Digital scrapbooking
    • Genealogy research
    • Blogging
  • Presents for family and friends
    • Cookbooks of family favorites
    • Children’s books
    • Family event calendars
    • Coffee table books

Our goal is to customize our retreats.  You will receive a questionnaire when you register to find out what is on your mind. We will tailor our retreats to meet attendees’ interests!  Every retreat will be unique!

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park


Connect your BoomerTECH Adventure with an exploration of Maine: Rocky coastline, rugged mountains, the Appalachian Trail, fantastic shopping, unbelievably diverse food options, museums, theater, crystal clear lakes, 4-season outdoor recreation—the list is endless opportunities for adventure.


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