Our Story

One day in 2014, three Maine educators — Ed Brazee, Jill Spencer, and Chris Toy —decided to repurpose instead of retiring.

Ed suggested to Jill and Chris that there were 70 million Baby Boomers out there and many of them needed help with their digital lives. Wouldn’t it be interesting and fun to find ways to help them!

We co-founded BoomerTECH Adventures and began to brainstorm services we could provide. Because all three of us were active in the Maine Learning Technology Initiative we work mainly with Apple devices.

Jill Spencer was a teacher, international consultant, and author of several books on middle-level education; Chris Toy was a middle school principal, international consultant, and author of six fabulous cookbooks. Ed Brazee was a professor at the University of Maine, book editor, and consultant.

Teaching has been a constant in our lives, and we bring lessons learned in our various classrooms to bear on our work with Boomers and Seniors. We know that people of all ages:

  • Learn new things in different ways and at different speeds
  • Need practice and support
  • Do not want to feel inadequate because they haven’t mastered a skill the first time
  • Find visuals as well as text helpful
  • Want to continue to create, communicate, and contribute.

Later on …

One day at breakfast in a small cafe in Eastport, ME (the easternmost city in the continental U.S.) a gentleman at an adjacent table was fidgeting with his new smartphone while his tablemates were giving him all sorts of suggestions on how to make it work.

Not wanting to intrude on their conversation but wanting to offer some help, I suggested that he watch a YouTube tutorial on his computer and learn how to use his new phone from the tutorial.

If his new phone was an iPhone I would have suggested a number of resources that BoomerTECH Adventures have made for our friends and clients with a focus on Apple devices.