BoomerTECH Adventures and YOU


What can BoomerTECH Adventures do for you?

          • Answer questions that are driving you crazy about your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

          • Make you more creative and productive on your various devices.

          • Give you confidence in using technology.

          • Help you learn how to use your devices so you control them and not the other way around.

          • Give you skills to teach your grandchildren and “WOW” them at the next family gathering!

What is BoomerTECH Adventures About?

BoomerTECH Adventures helps Boomers and Seniors create, connect, and contribute using today’s technology. BoomerTECH Adventures offers face-to-face workshops, both face-to-face and online personal consulting for individuals and groups, online courses, and a variety of digital resources for Boomers.

Former University of Maine education professor and co-founder Ed Brazee says “Our services are customized to the interests and skill levels of each participant. BoomerTECH trainings are interactive, self-paced, relaxed, and fun! Definitely not a typical ‘sit and get’ 9-to-5 class! We are committed to helping every participant from beginner to advanced, ensuring the highest level of personal attention.”

Former teacher, author, international consultant, and co-founder Jill Spencer adds, “Topics include—keeping in touch with distant family members, reconnecting with classmates, sharing digital photography, and using smart phones and tablets smartly. Tips on writing your life story, becoming a smarter online researcher, and finding your niche in social networks. Some participants may want to develop new technology and social media skills to use in their own entrepreneurial adventures!”

Co-founder Chris Toy, former principal, university instructor, and international consultant comments, “What makes BoomerTECH Adventures unique is that we start from each participant’s current skill level then personalize instruction to meet individual needs and interests. Participants don’t need to be concerned about ‘keeping up’ with others! No competition, no pressure, just lots of opportunities to learn skills and develop abilities they would like to have in a safe, supportive environment.”

BoomerTECH Adventures offers workshops, both face-to-face and online personal consulting for individuals, online courses, and a variety of digital resources. All specially crafted for boomers who are anxious (if somewhat reluctant) to learn about their personal technology.

Three Maine educators, Jill Spencer, Chris Toy, and Ed Brazee are the co-founders of BoomerTECH Adventures. Jill, a former teacher, is an international consultant and author; Chris Toy was a long-time principal and international consultant. Ed Brazee was a professor at the University of Maine. Jeff Brazee, Technology Applications Instructor in the Minneapolis Public Schools (MN) is also a BoomerTECH Adventures founder.




“The BoomerTech retreat was very informative, fun and useful. The three presenters were very knowledgeable and helpful. They were very flexible in helping us with individual concerns as well as presenting various topics useful to everyone. I feel that I gained new skills which I am now using daily. Thank you for making this a fun event. I would highly recommend the retreat. This is the best learning experience I have had in a long time.” (Irene, ME)

“The strength of BoomerTECH Adventures retreats is that they are not a one-size fits all approach. Chris, Jill, and Ed are boomers themselves and relate to the participants’ needs and take a personal interest in each person attending.” (John, ME)

Meet the BoomerTECH Adventures Crew

image of Ed Brazee

Ed Brazee

As a life-long educator, Ed has always encouraged his students—sixth graders to graduate students—to take advantage of the many learning opportunities in front of them.

He loves to plan learning opportunities and teach baby boomers who share his interests in learning with technology and giving back to their communities.

Ed is a runner, skier, swimmer, tennis player, and biker, really anything outdoors that keeps him moving. An avid reader, he also enjoys traveling with his wife, four adult children and their spouses, and their kids (four grandchildren so far!).

Ed is professor emeritus of education at the University of Maine where he taught for 25 years and directed the Middle Level Education Institute. Ed was book editor for Association for Middle Level Education for 12 years; he is author of several books and numerous articles on middle level education, curriculum development, and effective teaching.

Meet Ed!

Jeff Brazee

Jeff Brazee

Jeff Brazee is Coordinator of Educational Innovation and Technology for Stillwater Area Public Schools, a district of 8,000 students in 14 schools serving 18 communities in northeastern MN. Jeff brings a passion for teaching, a strong knowledge of technology, and a desire to meld the two to foster deep student understanding and achievement.

Jeff has a B.A. from Colorado College, and has worked in schools in Maine, Colorado, and Minnesota.  Previously, he taught French and Spanish, Computers, and was a LAN administrator for a health-related department in higher education, a web-design/business process consultant, and a ski instructor.  Jeff was previously Technology Director for Regional School Unit No. 5, serving 1600 students PreK-12 across three Maine towns.

Jeff was fortunate to be part of the initial deployment of laptops for MLTI, Maine’s 1:1 laptop computing initiative for 7th and 8th graders during his first three years of teaching, and subsequently for expansion into grades 9-12 as Technology Director for RSU No. 5.



Image of Jill Spencer

     Jill Spencer

Jill just can’t stop teaching. For over 30 years she taught middle school in Maine. During that time she also presented regionally and nationally at education conferences and was an adjunct instructor for the University of Maine system. Since leaving the classroom, she has continued to work internationally with educators as a consultant, facilitator, and coach. Recently she has begun to teach adult education classes that focus on technology use in every day life. Her classes on iPhones and iPads are filled to capacity.

When not teaching, Jill can be found in her garden trying to wrestle it into a finely manicured and serene, picture-perfect setting. Alas, the garden is winning and sprawls unabashed across her yard in colorful abandon. It does attract a multitude of birds and squirrels that entertain her cat and human visitors.

Jill has also discovered that she enjoys writing and has published four books on teaching and learning with young adolescents. Blogging has become a regular   activity as a way to help favorite organizations spread the word about their mission and services. Her computer and iPad make these endeavors very accessible, and she wonders about the possibilities of writing fiction and e-publishing.

Travel and photography are also favorite activities. Inspired by a cousin who is an artist, Jill has been intrigued by photo-editing apps that allow her to get a bit “artsy” with her iPad. But her favorite aspect of technology is that it allows her far-flung family to stay in touch via Facetime and Google hangout.

Jill’s professional website is

Meet Jill!

Chris toy

                     Chris Toy

Chris Toy is an educator and lifelong learner with more than 30 years in Maine education as a high school social studies teacher, middle school principal, university instructor, and educational consultant focusing on technology and learning.

His lifelong interests include teaching cooking with an Asian-Downeast fusion flavor, kayaking, bicycling, gardening, and solar energy.

He can be found online at His Youtube cooking channel is

Meet Chris!

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