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BoomerTECH Adventures’ guides Chris and Jill hard at work.


This is what BoomerTECH Adventures is all about.

Creating the best and most useful content for boomers and seniors (and all their friends and relatives) that allows them to use their digital devices and the internet most productively and creatively.

Connecting with boomers and seniors everywhere who are looking for help as they learn to use their smartphones, cameras, tablets, and computers to better advantage.

Contributing our knowledge about technology to make the world a better place, beginning with our own communities

Fifteen months ago BoomerTECH Adventures became a reality. Two friends and colleagues, Jill Spencer and Chris Toy, and I sat down to talk about what we were doing in our “retirement” and the possibility of starting this new venture. Of course none of us were really retired but we were no longer doing the jobs that we had held for so long.

Jill, a long-time teacher in mid-Maine was (and still is) an international education consultant, working with teachers and principals on literacy, middle school curriculum, technology, best teaching practices and much more. In the last few years she has written four books on teaching and learning with young adolescents. She is also a prolific blogger on several sites including our BoomerTECH Adventures blog.

In addition to her work with BoomerTECH Adventures, Jill teaches boomers and seniors to become more productive and creative using their digital devices. She loves to garden, travel, and use photography.

Chris was a middle school principal for a number of years and teacher before that. Like Jill, he also consults all over the world with a focus on technology and learning. Chris also teaches graduate courses on middle level education, curriculum development, and school law.

Several of his passions include cooking and he is a much sought after chef teaching cooking at a variety of venues. Asian-Downeast fusion is his specialty although he is very versatile. Chris is an avid biker, kayaker, and gardener and loves to travel the world.

Jeff Brazee, (Ed’s son) is a school tech director in Minnesota where he lives with his wife and new baby. Jeff has done some important technical work for BoomerTECH Adventures and we anticipate more involvement by Jeff in the future. Right now with a new baby and a new job, he is very well occupied!

What have we done during our first year? Our original idea for BoomerTECH Adventures was to run multi-day retreats for boomers who wanted to take a vacation in Maine and learn more about technology at the same time—how to get more from their device or  how to manage, edit, and store photographs, for example. We would offer our retreats in beautiful Maine locations, such as Bar Harbor on Mt. Desert Island or Freeport.

And we did, but no one registered!

But we were busy trying out other ideas. We offered a number of one- or two-day workshops at different locations around the state; we presented at conferences and exhibited at Boomer/Senior Expos and also offered Help Desks, an activity from which we learned a great deal. We continued to offer some great content (he said, modestly) through our blog posts (nearing 60 posts), our tip sheets, our FaceBook presence, and much more.

We’ve given back by making presentations at senior centers, offering Help Desks at various events, and donating our time so groups and individuals could learn more about using technology.

So, what’s next? What is coming this year? We are currently working on our first online course that will be announced soon and have planned a series of Exploramas in Maine communities on a wide array of tech topics. We have several new workshops planned and are excited about them.

Workshop One is about what to do with the 10,000 photos you have taken and don’t know what to do with. This workshop will give you solid skills in managing, editing, using, and storing your photos. Indispensable, wouldn’t you say?

The second fall workshop will be offered October 7-8, 2015, and will focus on learning to use technology to create gifts like calendars, note cards, books, slideshows, and much more. Early enough so this might help your holiday gift giving. Last year one of our sons and his wife prepared a small book of stunning photos of a Mexico trip we shared. Great gift. We love it.

What I’ve learned this year. I love working with my friends and colleagues, Jill, Chris. We are compatible, complementary, and still speaking! Looking forward to year two of BoomerTECH Adventures. We appreciate your support and your suggestions.



This is what BoomerTECH Adventures does…and that is what we want you to be able to do as well.


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