23.4% of new businesses started in 2013 were owned by people aged 55-64. We Baby Boomers are not fading quietly into sunset.  We still have goals to meet and options to explore. Life continues to be an adventure. Despite a can-do attitude, there are worries and pitfalls attached to launching a new business.  An article in the Wall Street Journal, “Where Older Entrepreneurs Can Find Help” by Anne Tergesen offers solid advice and some good resources.

Check it out at http://online.wsj.com/articles/where-older-entrepreneurs-can-find-help-1404001078.

The article addresses the following points:

  • Safe guarding retirement nest eggs
  • Market-testing
  • Financing options, including online options
  • Small Business Development Centers

This article is a good resource if you are thinking of starting a small business or are in the midst of a venture.